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We love Jim! We met him a few years ago through a real estate investor client who had been doing business with him for years. We were interested in purchasing a distressed property as an investment, but at the time had all of our cash tied up in other projects.  As with most bank owned properties, we knew that using conventional financing would put us at a disadvantage over other investors using cash.  Jim made the process so quick and simple that even though we have the ability to obtain conventional financing for our investment properties, we have continued to use Jim’s lending services since 2012.  During this time we have found that Jim not only simplifies the lending process, he takes a genuine interest in his clients and it not only a pleasure to do business with; he is a pleasure to know as a person.
Candi & Tony Phillips
RE/MAX Creative

I was prompted to seek Jim out when I needed funds to purchase a property for all cash or I would lose the deal.  Many sellers in today’s market are asking for all cash to close, and Jim was quick with his decisions and has been a true mentor in understanding the local real estate market.

Jim has lived and worked in Lexington for a long time.  He has been a great teacher of what to look for in my real estate investing, and his ability to help close quickly and with all cash has been a huge benefit in my investing thus far.

Jim is very professional and the results have been great.  His assistance has allowed me to grow my portfolio rapidly.

If you are a real estate investor in the Lexington, or Central Kentucky area, then you can’t go wrong having Jim Mischner as a partner.  He not only will help you with your financials, he is a good teacher and mentor to those seeking to understand the local market in greater detail.  Jim has been great to work with, and I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Jim Woody

To anybody that is on the fence as to work with Jim Mischner, here’s what I would say to them:

I would highly recommend Jim Mischner to any one in need of his services.  I can assertively say, it has worked well for me personally, as well as several other real estate people that I am well acquainted with.  Jim is honest, trustworthy and works very hard.  He is great to work with. In addition, he is a good man.  

What prompted me to work with Jim?  I have been in real estate in Central Kentucky for over 20 years now.  I had seen him around for quite some time and had even talked to him on more than one occasion.  Several friends of mine had used his services several times, always with favorable and profitable outcomes.  When a need arose for me to buy a property that I needed to close on very quickly, I called Jim. It was a foreclosure gathering a lot of interest and I needed to closed in less than 10 days, Jim was ready before the bank was!  My deal was indeed profitable.

I plan on using his services again as soon as I need them.  

5 Stars all the way for Jim Mischner.  Thank you Jim!
Mike Gooch, AARE,CES
Principal Auctioneer/Broker
Gooch Auction Group, LLC.

When we met Jim Mischner, we were just getting started in our real estate investing venture. We were finding that the 20% down payment on traditional bank loans was hindering our ability to build our portfolio quickly. In addition, there are many cases where banks cannot act as quickly as needed on transactions and deals are missed. Jim was recommended to us by the Vice President of Lending at a local bank. He has since been recommended to us by a number of other contacts in the Lexington real estate community. In our experience, we have found Jim to be well-seasoned in real estate and private lending. He is also extremely professional and responsive to our needs. In addition, he is honest, friendly and very accommodating. Our pre-conceived notion of a “hard money lender” has been proven misguided through our experience with Jim. Jim is not only a lender….but he is also a friend and mentor. When good deals cross our desk, Jim provides us the ability to act upon those deals and close quickly. Private money from Jim enables us to gain control of the property, and hold the property, until we can gain long-term, traditional lending on that property. Working with Jim enabled us to meet our aggressive goals for our first year in real estate. There were multiple deals we would have lost had we not been able to respond quickly, using Jim’s money. I would say that we were initially hesitant to consider “private lending”, but our fears were quickly put to rest once we met Jim. He comes highly recommended in the real estate investor community with good reason. If you are serious about building a real estate portfolio, Jim is a vital resource to have in your network. 
Joe Ray and Jayme Nelson

I have worked with Jim for several years now both as a closing attorney and a client.  This is unique because it has given me an opportunity to meet most of Jim's clients (other than myself).  I find that they always are happy, satisfied, and very appreciative of the opportunities Jim's lending program has allowed them to take advantage of, and I also find that they all know and like Jim on a personal level as well as professionally. 
Outside of the pratice of law, I belong to a small and growing real estate partnership. We were able to purchase our most profitable and successful properties to date only because of Jim Mischner and his ability to recognize like us a good opportunity, and his willingness to take a chance on us.  We would not be where we are today without him.  We are constantly looking for good deals on property, and it gives us great confidence to know that we have Jim as an asset. We know that once we have a contract to purchase, we can close quickly, easily, and with no delays or hassles whatsoever.
Eric Coffman
Bullock & Coffman, LLP
Winburn Properties, LLC

I met Jim Mischner through a mutual friend who has used his lending services in the past in order to purchase and rehab investment property. I had recently retired from the Lexington Fire Department with the desire to buy and rehab investment property. Thanks to utilizing Jim's services, I have been able to accumulate, rehab, and rent 12 properties in Lexington, mainly in the Kenwick area over a 19 month period. At this time all are producing rental income. My business model is very simple. I buy distressed properties with cash borrowed from Jim along with the money to rehab them. I typically gut the house and try to have them finished and rented within 60 days. At the 180 day mark I approach my lender. Every property I have purchased and renovated so far has come back appraised as having equity ranging between 20 and 50% of the amount I have borrowed from Jim. My lender is willing to loan 85% of the appraised value, allowing me to permanently finance the house for 20 years at 4.5%. The end result is I wind up owning an cash flowing rental property without ever having come out of pocket one cent. And every property I own has equity ranging from 20 to 50%, allowing me the flexibility to sell if I so choose. In addition, I bought one property at auction in Kenwick that I wound up flipping. The purchase price was $107,000 in cash and after 6 months I wound up selling it for $205,000. Even after carrying costs, realtor fees, and rehab I was able to make a healthy profit on the sale. I would not have been able to buy the property without Jim's help. The costs of short term borrowing from Jim have not been prohibitive to me making money. On the contrary, I have made money on every property thus far, most of which I would not have been able to purchase without the advantage of being able to offer cash and a short closing time to the seller. In short, Jim has made it possible for me to purchase a substantial amount of property in a very short time frame, and to avoid a second mortgage on my primary residence or tapping into my savings. All in all, my experience with Jim has been stellar. It's nice doing business with a person who shakes your hand and keeps his word.
Ed Davis

As we set out to grow our real estate business,  we quickly realized that timely,  reliable access to capital is crucial.    Good deals don't stay on the market long so we have to move quickly to get them under contract.    Jim Mischner has been instrumental in providing the timely,  reliable access to capital that has helped us accomplish just that.    We consider Jim to be a key member of our team and would encourage anyone seeking to grow their real estate investing business to give him a call.
Shannon Snapp
Snapp Property, Group LLC
Richmond, KY 

We have been doing business with Jim Mischner for several years. We have acquired a large percentage of our real estate portfolio by using the lending services of Jim. Each transaction has been very fast and efficient. We have been able to purchase multi-family and single family income producing properties with zero money down. We highly recommend Jim for all real estate investment loans. 
Tonya & Chuck Skeens

I met Jim in the middle of “The Great Recession" when banks were unable to lend against investment property and I was looking to grow my business. I remember walking out of his office with the terms of the loan written on half of a single piece of paper to go and make an offer on a house with- in a complex world, it was simple! Jim is a straight shooter, has always been willing to share knowledge, and is one of the few people still doing business by a handshake. He is a valuable asset to the real estate community in Lexington. 

My wife and I have been investing in real estate for the past three years. We both had full time positions and responsibilities elsewhere but always had the desire to venture into real estate . We were introduced to Jim through a mutual friend. Jim had a solid background in both real estate and finance. We found working with Jim to be a great experience with little to no stress. As a result of working with Jim we have closed 30 plus deals in the past three years. Working with Jim enables us to buy and close on deals quickly. You will never find a more down to earth honest lender. It is rare to find a lender that you can easily work with let alone call friend. Jim Mischner is simply a wonderful person. My wife and I are blessed to have met Jim. Working with Jim has forever changed our lives for the better.
John and Shelly Walton

Jim Mischner.... Where to start? Integrity, Honesty, & Ethics. We were reluctant to meet with a hard money lender, but after we met with Jim, all of our concerns were set aside. We used Jim to purchase our first "flip" home. He made the process so simple. If you're looking for a lender who is willing to tell you everything you need to know, and then do exactly what he says he's going to do, then Jim Mischner is your lender.  His terms are simple, with no hidden fees.  He was always available to answer questions, always returned our calls and emails. Jim is a great lender with the heart of a teacher. We would recommend him 100% and look forward to working with him again!  Thanks so much for everything Jim!
Jennifer D.